We belong to the ISC Group of Companies established in 1952 and are based out of Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhaka Bangladesh, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.With a view to the changing global steel scenario, we the ISC Group consist of a combination of Trading and Engineering. The first “ISC Group Company” was established in 1940 in Kolkata and Dhaka Bangladesh and from that day onwards there have always been entrepreneurs in our family and now the second and third generations are working together in the family tradition of trust and performance. One key factor of our success is the fact that we are innovative and inventive.

Welcome to ISC Udyog

We have always adapted the best technology available in Domestic and International markets. We have always ensured that we combine the best of the Engineering and Trading practices thereby adding new products, which adds to the customer delight.
Our manufacturing activities mainly consists of :

Electro / Permanent Magnets
Magnetic Separators
Hoppers, Vibro Feeders,
E.O.T Electric Hoist, Goliath, Jib, Gantry Cranes,
Hydraulic Grabs & Hydraulic Bailing Press
Continuous Billet Casting Machines
LRF & Electric Arch Furnaces

Our factories are at Mumbai and Kolkata and have been regularly exporting to USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, Gulf, Far East, South East Asia and Neighboring Countries. All Major Main Steel Plants, Thermal Plants, Major Ports, Fertilizers, Smelters, Railways, Cement, Sponge Iron Mini Steel Plants and other factories where material handling is required are our satisfied customers and give us repeat orders.
Today we have a highly qualified and motivated engineering division specializing in design, engineering and commissioning of machines. We at ISC believe in educating the user in using our machines as we have developed these machines based on our experience, spread over four decades. Most of our products are developed utilizing the best of the equipments manufactured in India and overseas.
ISC provides services including viability study, process design, engineering, cost estimation, raw material sourcing and supply of equipment, erection and commissioning, training man-power.
Trust and Performance is our motto and our continuous strive for excellence is tour major strength. We believe in co-existence with our suppliers, vendors and customers. A win-win relationship is our culture, which has kept our group alive even after facing many turbulent weathers and unprecedented market vagrancies faced by the industries in the past few decades.


We have grown up with the post-war development of iron and steel industries in India. The ever-increasing business has founded on dependable and fair deal. This is the ISC in the Nation’s surging economy and in the service of our overseas’ customers whose continued patronage has added to the present achievement. It has always been our motto and principle to serve our esteemed buyers in the best possible way. To serve the customers of the SAARC and ASEAN in a better fashion, we have established our bases in Dhaka and Kuala Lumpur where they are assured of our best services. With a brighter prospect ahead, we will carry on our endeavor to modernize the plants and equipment to further improve the quality and serve you better.

Private Ownership

Private ownership allows ISC to remain free. The nature of freedom demands that associates and units use this freedom responsibly. Our way of doing business allows us to remain free as a company and gives associates as individuals the freedom to innovate, act and grow while achieving our common goal. This approach has created the kind of environment in which we are all excited to work.

Our private ownership, unanimity of purpose and high ethical standards allow us to move quickly in exploring new ground, act boldly in the face of competition, and take risks wherever they are justified. Above all, our private ownership gives us the freedom to take a long-term perspective on making investments, building businesses and providing for the well-being of our associates. This spirit has driven ISC in the past. It remains for each of us to make it the guiding force for our future.