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We present over selves as ISC Group of Companies, an ISO 9000 Company and are one of the largest manufacturers of Electro Magnets, Permanent Magnetic Separators, Electro magnetic overband and cross band separators, Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) cranes up to 100 T capacity and 28 M span class IV Steel Plant Duty Cranes. We also undertake Heavy Structural Fabrication and machining components and machine parts.

Circular Electro Magnet

Our circular electro magnets are known for their applicability in various fields. The electro magnets are designed in such a manner to develop deep penetrating electromagnetic field to lift scrap and other diversified forms of ferrous materials. We produce general purpose magnets, in different models and different capacities. Our circular lifting electro magnets are used in transporting steel blocks, pigs and scrap in scrap yards, ports and foundries. They also crush clinker in skull cracker ball operations. The cast housing of our circular electro magnet is made from quality cast steel, which provides extreme ruggedness with high conductivity. The cover plate is made from hard manganese steel, which protects the coil and ensures zero interference with the magnetic property of the product. Coils are made are from aluminum conductors, which increases the load possibilities.

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Rectangular Electro Magnet

Rectangular Billet Lifting Magnet of size 2100 mm X 900 mm, Our unique Rectangular Billet Lifting Magnet of size 2100 mm x 900 mm which is specially designed to lift billets cold and hot. This single magnet can be used instead of two numbers of Rectangular Lifting Magnets with Spreader Beam as has been the practice. Our Rectangular Lifting Magnet can lift 8 Nos. billets of size 100 sq. mm of length up to 12 meters. This magnet has been sold all over the world and in India to many customers and it has been proven that a single 2100 mm x 900 mm lifts successfully 12 meter long billets for the entire working shift in steel plants over the continuous casting skid banks.

This magnet has been the preferred choice of crane operators as the time spent in centering the 2 magnets on spreader bean as well as aligning the magnets with the axis of the billets is very cumbersome. Moreover, in this the working face of both the magnets should be in the same level or the billets get unstuck with small jerks of crane rail joints. For units producing 100 MT or more of Billets per day this 2100mm.x900mm. is an absolute must.

Elliptical Electro Magnet

The “MULE” is specially designed and manufactured to cater for handling large quantities of scrap. The increasing size of arc and induction furnaces necessitate large requirements of handling scrap, especially unloading from the incoming vehicles as well as feeding the furnace platform or charging baskets.
The “MULE” is specially designed in an elliptical shape to enable entry into restricted spaces, and at the same time carry away high loads

Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separator
Technical Specification

Equipment : Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separator
Belt Width : 400 mm
Material Conveyed : Slag + Steel Scrap (0 – 75 mm ) of 60° C Dry.
Bulk Density of material : 2 MT/M3
Capacity : 3.5 to 4 TPH MAX

Permanent Magnet size : (W x L x H) 420 x 900 

Type of Magnets used Belt Drive  : High Intensity Permanent Strontium Magnets. Each conveyor is driven separately by Geared motor with suitable Geared Motor of different
speeds. Magnetic belt is moving at higher speed than the burden carrying material belt for better pickup, hence efficiency to reduce magnetic portion in non-magnetic separated slag sand is maximum.
Burden material Belt Head Pulley is of non-magnetic S.S Steel to avoid Magnetization as this Pulley is constantly under the influence of magnetic field.
Top conveyor belt is having strip at regular intervals for better mechanical grip of magnetic iron and steel pieces.

Accuracy : + 5 % – Magns in Non – Mags.

1) A main Hopper of suitable capacity fitted with unbalanced Motorised Vibrator Feeder Tray with 0.5 KW – 1440 RPM – 02 Nos. Vibrator Motor, with Variable Vibration arrangement.
2) Bottom support is with gusset plate. We provide 4 Nos. foundation supports of steel plates so that the complete Permanent Magnetic Concentrator can rest on flat earth, or any platform / structure.

Body : The Permanent Magnet body has been designed to provide the most efficient magnetic circuit, whilst keeping the magnet weight to the minimum, without loss of performance making this the ideal range of magnets. The magnet body is fabricated from high permeability low carbon steel for minimum leakage and maximum magnetic lifting efficiency.

Side Covers : 12 S.W.G. M.S Sheet will be bolted with a main body. Inspection windows have been provided for maintenance.

The Slag Crusher and Separator are light weight as compared to other crushers in the market and can be conveniently shifted where ever required. The Slag Crusher and Separator do not require any expensive concrete foundation

Cable Reeling Drum
Permanent Magnet Lifter
Permanent Lifting Magnet - Self Operating

This type of lifting magnet can automatically lift sheets, plates, blocks and bars without the need of a worker to operate and no power is required. Rotating lift arm activates magnet when lifting steel and releases steel when lowered. Great for remote jobs or where power isn’t readily available. Costs much less than Electromagnet.

PM Tramp Iron Seperator